Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quantum Physics and the "NOT SECRET"


The new laws of Quantum Physics tell us 'Thoughts are Things' that create. The physical reality we see all around us is a reflection of thoughts.

This may well be true but – the problem lies in the application of this idea into our daily lives.

Many of the modern day 'word merchants' and entrepreneurs have jumped on this money making band wagon and have come up with what they call “THE SECRET.”

They tell everybody that you can think and visualize into your life anything and everything you want. All you have to do is buy their books, tapes or pay them for private coaching.

They advise you to visualize driving around in a Rolls Royce, living in a mansion on a lake and touring the world.

Nice. But is it your spiritual destiny? Do you know your spiritual destiny that tells you, that you were born exactly where you were born to work out your destiny. Not on a yacht or in a mansion.

All that visualization and desiring is a very high level abstraction of reality. While it may be true and it may work for less than 1% of the population, those who have powerful visualization powers and will power, it does not work for the majority of average people.

For the majority of people who are inundated by daily woes and fears holding these visualizations is very difficult.

I call “The Secret” a high level of abstraction because it may be true, on one level, that our poor health, poverty and unhappiness may be due to our faulty thinking.

Butt “The Secret” says nothing about the fact that there are so many powerful forces at work trying very hard to control our thinking. They are hammering at our minds 24/7 trying to drive us into ill health, poverty and unhappiness. Why? For control and profit.

Yes we create our own realities with our thoughts, but are the thoughts we use to create with ours? Do all the fear thoughts being pumped out by TV, the media, political leaders, the medical profession and the educational system belong to us?

No! No! No!

In a more perfect society where the outside controlling thoughts of others did not exist then maybe we could say “We create our own reality with our thoughts”.

But with the fearful state that the world is in with its lies, subliminal messages and 24/7 broadcasting, the best we can say is, “We create our own reality with other peoples thoughts.”

So, yes the reality we find ourselves in now may very well be a reflection of the thoughts we are accepting. But they are not our thoughts.

Instead of using “The Secret” to try to get rich and famous let us use it to free ourself from the controlling thoughts all around us.

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”

Accept where you are now health, wealth and love wise. But starting tomorrow morning decide to start to improve your life step-by-step by examining Evey thought and idea that comes into your mind.

If thoughts are truly things do you really want the thing that the thought is telling you about?

Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven. Learn to dwell in perfect peace profound. In moving forward in life, “inch by inch, life's cinch. Yard by yard life's too hard.”

Patience! You are going to live forever. You will continually 'blink in and out' of the quantum ocean creating new incarnations. You will eventually experience all that life has to offer. Slow down. Don't stress for more, it will come.

Find and read a copy of Wallace Wattles “The Science of Being Well,” and “The Science of Being Rich.” They are on the net free.

In 1900 he gave “The Secret” to you and he gave it free. He explains it in a very spiritual, non-commercial way. What you are paying for is “THE NOT SECRET!”

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