Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secrets of Quantum Physcs Matrix Part 2 RADIONICS

How to Use
A Quantum Physics Matrix
Part 2

The Laws of Radionics

Radionics is one of the gifts of the Age of Aquarius, radionics can best be described as magic at a distance.

The three functional parts of any radionics device are:
1. A Power Source. This can be supplied by electricity, batteries, orgone generators or a photo.
2. A Treatment, or what is it you wish or desire to attract? This can be hard written words, thoughts, symbols, runes, or healing remedies.
3. A Target. Where do you want the energy you are attracting out of the Quantum Ocean to go? This can be a photo, hair sample, drop of blood or a name on a piece of paper.

The ever working Law of Three, combines these three energies into an energy event in your life.

You connect the three factors on a matrix, a playing field. Once you connect the powers source, the wish and the target on a physical matrix they become connected in the Quantum Ocean (mind of God.) Eventually an energy exchange takes place and your wish manifests into your life.

But you need a working field or a matrix.

You can use an expensive or inexpensive electronics, radionics device. You can use a Black Box type of Radionics Device.

Here is a secret of the Laws of Quantrum Physics. Thanks to the Laws of Resonant Frequencies, you can even use a simple hand drawn matrix on a piece of paper.

They will all work because the true Radionics Device is your own mind. The Laws of Mental Radionics tell how this is done. (Read my separate article on Mental Radionics)

The reason we need the use of a physical Radionic's Matrix is because our own minds are flighty and we cannot sustain one thought for very long. Radionics devices freeze our thoughts, wishes, desires, so to speak. They keep them constantly interacting with the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). Through the magic of the Law of Three.

It is the constant inter-working which keeps the energies flowing towards physical manifestation.

I personally use my own design which I call my Rune Radionics Matrix (R.R.M.). I use runes a great deal in my healings and attractions.

I find that they work well for attracting health, wealth and love into your life.

The Runes are a very powerful universal, creative, energy! Each one is a key to a specific energy in the Quantum Ocean.

You can use what symbols or elements you want on your matrix. I use my R.R.M. with astrological signs, Bach flower remedies, Color, cell-salts, and Homeopathic remedies, etc.

My R.R.M. is a 10 x12" wood plaque that my wife Lory paints indigo blue. She is an artist and makes all the R.R.M's. On the solid wood plaque, she then cuts a round piece of copper sheet to use as the conducting base. Then she hand paints two sets of inscribed equilateral triangles with silver paint onto the copper base. This gives us three perfect equilateral triangles. One for the power source; one for the wish and one for the target.



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