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Secrets of Quantum Physics Matrix Part 1

How to Use
Quantum Physics Matrix for Attracting

Part 1

What is a Quantum Physics Matrix? A Q.P.M. is a playing field where the Laws of Quantum Physics can interact with the Laws of Radionics to attract health, wealth and love out of the Quantum Ocean.

Everything in the Universe is energy. Energy needs a playing field, a matrix where it can interact.

A home is a matrix where the energies of a family interact. A great teacher once said, "The only thing happening in the Universe is energy in relationships!"

We are constantly being interacted upon by many energy fields. The Sun is an energy our physical body is an energy. The playing field or matrix where these two energy fields interact is our Aura.

All the moving planets of our Solar System are energies, and their energies interact with our Aura. This is the basis for the Laws of Astrology.

In our daily lives, people, places and events are energies which interact with us through our Auras.

Our thoughts, emotions and actions are energies which vibrate out into the Universe, the mind of God, the Quantum Ocean, all other members of Society, etc.

They bring back matching energies with interact with us through our Auras. We send out energies or vibrations. In turn, we receive back " like" energies or vibrations. The Laws of Karma are based on this.

In our hearts we want to use our thoughts as magnets to attract into our lives more health, wealth and love NOW!

The Laws of mental radionics tell us that our thoughts, powered by our minds, will go to the Quantum Ocean and interact with the energies there. Then they will come back to us clothed in these energies. If we sent out good thoughts, we receive good energies in return. If we sent out bad thoughts we will receive bad energy in return. But what manifests itself in our physical lives rarely matches our desire for more wealth, health and love.

Why is this so? It is because we do not have the mental persistence, discipline, or the mental powers to hold our thoughts until they manifest. The cares of daily life steal away our attention; they fill us full of fear, doubts and uncertainty and our desires die unborn.

We need more power, concentration and persistence to manifest our desires.

This is what the Quantum Physics Matrix will do for us. It was designed, using the Laws of Quantum Physics, combined with the Laws of Radionics. It will hold our thoughts and desires for us until they become physical manifestations!

Laws of Quantum Physics

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us "all" is energy. You are energy. I am energy. The planet Earth is energy, the Solar System is energy; the Galaxy is energy; the Universe is energy; and God is energy!

We as human beings live, move and have our being within an infinite energy being called the mind of God (Quantum Ocean.)

All the Energy that ever was, is or will be exists in an infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the mind of God, the Quantum Ocean.

This infinite ocean of thinking substance is so vast that our universe "blinks in and out of it. When it "blinks" out of the Quantum Ocean we have a physical Universe. When it "blinks" back in it becomes an un-manifested divine blueprint.

This is the same "blinking" process for Galaxies, Solar Systems, planets and us human beings.

We as individual Souls, "blink" in and out of the Quantum Ocean periodically like the Universe each of our "blink outs" is called a new incarnation. Each of our "blink ins" is called a Death. But in reality there is no such thing as Death, just "blinking" in and out.

Are you getting a small picture of how vast the mind of God (Quantum Ocean) is?

When we are "blinked" out in a new physical incarnation we have the power to re-enter into the mind of God (as we really never left) any time we wish.

We can go back into the Quantum Ocean (mind of God) and pull out energies that we can use to better our lives. We can pull out energies that will attract more health, wealth and love into our lives NOW!

Thoughts are things. It is through the process of thinking that we can go back into the mind of God (Quantum Ocean) and attract out what we want. Our thoughts bring us what we are thinking in a physical form.

Why aren't more people healthy, wealthy, and happy? It is because they do not think correctly. During the course of their work - a- day living they are constantly thinking of things that they do NOT want to happen. They think of things like their bills; their poverty; their ill health; their unhappy relationships etc.

This constant stream of negative thoughts enters the mind of God (Quantum Ocean) and attracts back similar energies into to their lives. They get MORE bills, MORE poverty, MORE ill-health, and MORE unhappiness. The universe simply does not know NO. So if you want no more bills think the opposite, think WEALTH. If you want no more ill- health think of your self in vibrant good health. If you want to stop being unhappy think of yourself and situations that bring you happiness.

Remember the Quantum Ocean is the mind of God, so when your think, your thoughts are asking God to send you what you are thinking and you get it good or bad.

Remember the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it!"

You must also be aware that there are also many man-made blueprints within the Quantum Ocean (mind of God) They were put there, either consciously or unconsciously by those in authority. Many of these man-made blueprints contain false information that will keep you from attracting a free independent life of health, wealth and love.

So don't take the experts advice. Seek out wisdom for yourself. It is all there in the Quantum Ocean!

End of Part 1

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