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Secrets of Quantum Physics Matrix Part 3

How to Use a
Quantum Physics Matrix
Part 3

Combining the Laws of Quantum Physics
With the Laws of Radionics

Laws of Quantum Physics tell us thoughts are things. Whatever thoughts you send into the infinite ocean of thinking substance called the Quantum Ocean will manifest into your life, be these good or bad thoughts. The Universe does not discriminate "good" from "bad" thoughts. "Yes" you want something or other, or "no" you DON'T want something! The Quantum Ocean see's things in "pictures." If you have a "picture" in your mind of the fear of getting robbed. You are visualizing a burglar breaking into your home, or holding you at gunpoint. Well the universe does not understand NO, you do not want this! The "pictures" that you have visualized will attract this event. Therefore, in fearing a robbery, you are in fact ATTRACTING it!

We can change our present reality by sending Positive thoughts of what we want out of the life as far as health, wealth and money into the Quantum Ocean.

The problem is we need a methodology to keep these Positive thoughts steady until they are able to manifest.

Radionics tells us that if we set up a matrix where we can combine the energies of a power source, a wish and a target, they will constantly interact in the Quantum Ocean and bring us what we want out of life.

If we take the thought we want to project into the Quantum Ocean and use them on our Radionics Matrix, in the wish-desire triangle we will successfully start the attraction.

But more than that, the radionics device will HOLD our thoughts continuously. There will be a constant flow of our thoughts into the Quantum Ocean and eventually these thoughts will manifest themselves into our lives.

Let us summarize with an example:
Choose the type of radionics device you wish to use, from an expensive one to a hand drawn one on a piece of paper.

Or print a copy of my R.R.M. out on your printer and use it.
Remember the key is you need a power source, a wish and a target.

Just thinking about radionics creates a mental radionics device.

A mental radionics device works like this: your mind is the power source, your wishful thinking is the wish and your Aura will be the target.

We only use and choose a physical electronics device to hold our thoughts 24/7 as we go about our daily business.

Place your wish for better health in the lower left hand equilateral triangle. This can be a hand written wish for better health folded up in a piece of paper. It can be the the runic symbol Uraz (the rune that symbolizes Health) or it can be even more specific like a drop of Bach remedy; a Homeopathic remedy; a color filter, an aspirin etc.

I use my hand made Orgone generator as my power source. You can use electricity or batteries or even just a photo of them or you for your power source.
A photo of a battery or any power source is a similar structure to the actual thing.

A photo of you is you as far as the mind of God (Quantum Ocean) is concerned. It is a blueprint of your configuration of energy.

A photo of a battery, an Orgone generator or even an expensive Radionics device , are all the same as far as energy exchange with the Quantum Ocean is concerned.

Put your power source in the upper triangle.

Use your photo, blood sample, hair or name on a piece of paper as your target.

For distant healing you can use a photo or name on paper of a family member, friend or loved one. This will work as there is no real space or distance in the Quantum Ocean.

Put the target in bottom right of the triangle.

Now that you have your Quantum Physics Matrix set up. Sit in your favorite chair and hold it in your lap.

Relax. Take a few deep breaths.

Now start the process of attracting healing energies out of the Quantum Ocean by intoning out loud:

"I am Now invoking the healing energies of Uraz ( or name your healing wish) out of the Quantum Ocean and into my Aura."

Three times, three is a magical number.

Now mentally say:

"I am starting the healing energies of the Quantum Ocean into my Quantum Physics Matrix so that I will receive healing energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Thoughts are things. Words are frozen thoughts. You get what you think about.

Now put your Quantum Physics Matrix away in a safe place. Where it will be undisturbed. Do not leave it out where other's can see it. Even the doubtful thoughts or ridicule of a loved one can effect the energy exchange.

The energies will flow. How long will it take? That depends on the amount of resistance in you, your false ideas, programing and fears.

Be patient. It works. You may want to reinforce your "I AM" statements once a day, or once a week. Repetition is very powerful. That is what it means to do something "religiously" it means you do it over and over.

As the healing energies of the Quantum Ocean (mind of God) fill your Aura other things will just begin happening.

The energies you attract are the energies of a probability and possibilities.

Stay Aware! Health ideas will come from people, places and events that you are not aware of at this time.

Answer your phone. Open your mail. Talk to strangers. Go to the book store or library. Follow your hunches and intuitions.

Health is your God Given right. Quantum Physics and Radionics are the 21st Century tools creating better health.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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